BQ Summit : Anat Baniel

Neuromovement Change Your Brain to Overcome Pain and Reach New Levels of Physical and Mental Performance

Hosted by Katie Hendricks with Anat Baniel

Broadcast on February 10, 2014

Anat Baniel, founder of the Anat Baniel Method(sm), and NeuroMovement® is the author of best selling book, Move Into Life: The Nine Essentials for Lifelong Vitality and the highly acclaimed Kids Beyond Limits. Anat was trained as a clinical psychologist, dancer, and was a student, then a close professional associate of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais for many years. Anat’s work is at the forefront of the emerging brain plasticity field. Her innovative, scientifically based methods provide concrete, powerful and easy to use tools – the Nine Essentials she defined – that help to powerfully change people’s brains, and thus lives, for the better.

Her method has helped thousands of people of all ages, including high performing musicians, athletes, business people and others, get rid of aches and pains and transcend present limitations to achieve greater energy, strength, health and success that they often believed not possible.

Anat is world-renown for her work with children with special needs. Her brain/movement based approach to helping children diagnosed with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, genetic disorders, ADHD, and other learning and developmental disabilities, is cutting edge and is applauded by parents, health professionals and prominent neuroscientists. The outcomes experienced by the children that she works with often defy all expectations and are frequently described as miraculous. Yet Anat knows that these transformations are readily for anyone provided we know how to access the brain. Anat and her team of teachers have trained hundreds of practitioners who continue to get outstanding results with both kids and adults.

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