BQ Summit Interview : Annie Brook

How Early Somatic Impressions Shape Our Identities & Behaviors

Hosted by Katie Hendricks with Annie Brook

Broadcast on February 19, 2015

During this session, Annie Brook will explain how cellular memory and neural responses start during birth and perinatal time — and discuss how they shape adult and child behavior. How can we re-pattern ourselves when we consciously work with the tissue memories and awareness of soul into body? Find out the Neuroscience behind our identities.

Annie Brook

Somatic and Perinatal Psychologist, Registered Movement Educator, Certified Body-Mind Centering Teacher

Annie Brook, Ph.D., LPC, Author, Speaker, Registered Movement Educator (ISMETA) Certified Body-Mind Centering® teacher and Infant Developmental Movement Specialist. Annie is psychotherapist whose passion about healing from the inside out has helped thousands of people. Through her writings, presentations, seminars and private practice, Annie offers clear descriptions of how body experience encodes as story, how we make meaning of events, how neuroscience operates as behavior regulation, and the impact of relational attachment. She shows how these factors shape the matrix of identity and behavior. Annie’s work makes sense of the transition of soul into body, demystifies the complexity of behavior struggles, and offers hope for lasting change. She uses movement re-patterning as a key aspect of integrated change and helps people be more real, human, and relaxed in their lives. She trains therapists at the Brook Institute in Boulder, CO.

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