Commit and Act

Committing is the act of gathering yourself and moving fully in a chosen direction. By creating an action step for your commitment, you bring the commitment to life.

How to do it

  1. Start by trying on the following statements: I want to______. I am willing to_______. And I commit to_________.
  2. Notice if you have a body signal that you are ready to commit (you might notice uprising or expansive sensations in your front body.)
  3. If you are ready to commit, stand up and step forward while saying: I commit to_______,
  4. Notice your whole body response.
  5. Repeat #3 a few times.
  6. Get curious about what pleasurable measurable action step you can take. Try choosing something easy!
  7. Create a by-when you will take that step.
  8. KEY STEP: Recommit when you drift from your commitment.


  • Gives commitments expanded power
  • Creates ease for new commitments or recommitments
  • Gives expanded awareness of the current relationship with the commitment