Exaggerate Persona/Role

Personas are aspects of ourselves, masks we wear, that support us in receiving positive attention and avoiding troublesome attention such as judgment or shaming. Some common personas: nice guy/gal, perfectionist, do it right, critic, cheerleader, judge, and rebel. By exaggerating the postures, gestures and behavior of the persona, you can experience a direct connection to your personas, befriend them and give them better jobs.

How to do it

  1. Identify a recurring persona in your life, e.g., supercompetent
  2. Let yourself take on their posture and gestures (i.e., facial expression and hand gestures of persona while complaining in an exaggerated way.)
  3. Notice new awarenesses, especially about where you might have learned this persona


  • Brings unconscious behaviors into awareness
  • Begins to loosen the grip of personas through play
  • Reveals hidden gifts of personas