Go in the Direction of the Flow

Choosing to favor openings of flow/possibility brings expanded creative power as you receive the added support of open energetic flow.

How to do it

  1. Notice if you feel stuck or if you are pushing to make something happen or change something inside you.
  2. Let whatever is happening inside of you or around you be what it is without criticizing or trying to change it.
  3. Take a few deep belly breaths where you allow your belly to expand on the inbreath and fall gently towards your spine on the outbreath.
  4. Get curious about what feels open and easy inside of you and notice how that impacts your experience of stuckness or resistance.
  5. Turn towards something that feels open and enjoy the ease of flowing with, rather than against, such as a stretch or moving in a new direction, breathing more deeply.


  • Takes less energy
  • Increases connection and aliveness
  • Expands creative power