Let Your Body Get Strong, Then Light

Trying on different types of energetic experiences can raise your awareness of what you are feeling at any given time. By trying on the opposite ends of the spectrum, you will get a felt sense of the variances.

How to do it

  1. Check in with your current experience of the flow of aliveness.
  2. Let your whole body take on the experience of strong, as if you are pushing a piano or lifting up a big blanet. (i.e., posture, gestures)
  3. Notice how you experience strong in and throughout your body.
  4. Now try letting your body try on lightness, as if you are moving a glass figurine to a high shelf or removing a stray eyelash  (i.e., posture, gestures)
  5. Again, notice how you experience light in your body.
  6. Notice any changes in your current flow of aliveness.


  • Expands awareness of different energetic states.
  • Expands the experience of playing with your movement choices.
  • Increases awareness of the weave of emotions and sensations.