Notice and Follow What Your Body Wants To Do Most

Engaging in mindful observation of your body sensations enhances your self-awareness and your perception of those around you. Responding to your impulses can foster a greater sense of flow and vitality.

How to do it

  1. Turn inwards and focus your attention on what you are sensing inside your body
  2. Let your “inner eye” wander through your body.
  3. Follow any impulse that feels good: move, change posture, make a sound.
  4. When that impulse feels complete, allow your attention to move to  anything else you are sensing in your body.
  5. Continue playing by following any impulses to move, or refreshing yourself with water, or taking a few conscious breaths.


  • Increases your awareness of body sensations and how these relate to your emotions and experience.
  • Expands your sensitivity to noticing messages from your body.
  • Opens the gateway to discovering what you most want.

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