Receive Communication With Open Posture and Breath

By noticing and adjusting our posture and breath, our body supports us in receiving the nutrient of connecting with others our ourselves. This opens us to receive communications from our inner wisdom and from others.

How to do it

  1. Relax your belly and slowly breathe in as you expand your belly.
  2. Release the breath by allowing your belly button to gently fall back towards your spine.
  3. Open up your posture by uncrossing your legs or arms or any other adjustments you need to make.
  4. Allow yourself to continue to breathe into a soft belly while you circulate your attention between the person you are receiving communication from and your breath or body sensations.
  5. Continue until the communication is complete.


  • Creates open space for you to presence another
  • Supports awareness of self as you listen to a communication
  • Signals connection and responsiveness to another

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