Reflect Feelings

As you listen and notice another’s words, body language, and tone, let yourself notice what feelings are arising for you or that you notice in the other person.

How to do it

  1. Try making sounds like “hmmm”  or “ahh” to resonate with the speaker.
  2. Let your body respond as you listen.
  3. You might say something about YOUR experience as you listen:  “I notice I feel my stomach tightening as I take in your words.”  or  “I hear that you feel sad (or angry, happy…) about that,” or “I imagine you are experiencing some feelings about that.”
  4. You can appreciate their expressions, emotions.


  • Allows connection by fully seeing and hearing another 
  • Calming to the nervous systems of both listener and person expressing
  • Creates a feeling of resonance 
  • Generates closeness