Take the Posture of the Old Story, Wiggle, Then Take the Posture of the New Story

By allowing the whole body expression of your relationship with a pattern or event in your life, you can connect with a deeper understanding, which will enable you to create a new and more aligned expression. Wiggling in between stories allows you to release one and create energetic room for what’s next.

How to do it

  1. Bring to mind something you want to shift in your life. Take on an exaggerated posture of the issue, e.g., outraged indignation.
  2. Wiggle until your body loosens up and releases the old posture.
  3. Invent a new story using body gestures and/or sounds.
  4. Notice how you experience the difference between old story and new story.


  • Uses body wisdom to create changes in your life
  • Brings levity and fun to transformation
  • Allows for friendly shifts to old patterns