Appreciation expands my capacity for joy

I had a new awareness around ‘appreciation’ that I am excited to share with you.

Since getting to know you [Katie] and Gay  and your work, I have  had many experiences with appreciation raising the positive energy and being a big part of the expansion process.

What happened recently was like a new layer of it and has become a great coaching tool as well. I have been making some changes in my life, over the last few months, in how I show up and represent myself to others and owning my own power.

My experience was that I could feel the expansion of stepping out of the comfort zone and I felt scared at how big the expansion felt. It felt like the expansion was too big too fast and not stable or sustainable. In the past I had expanded for short spurts and then retreated back to safety when it felt ‘too big’.

As my wife and I prepared to teach a class on appreciation we decided to spend some time going through the exercises ourselves. When we were appreciating each other my wife told me how much she appreciated me for stepping out  of my comfort zone and really expanding. It felt really good to hear that. We moved on to appreciating ourselves and what she said had stirred me so I spent several minutes appreciating myself for expanding, even though I was scared, and celebrating the transformations we have experienced over the years.

After several minutes of this I felt the expansion energy, which had felt so unstable to me before, become very calm and stable. The act of appreciating myself had locked in the state of expansion or at least stabilized it to a noticeable degree.

I am very excited to know that appreciation can expand our capacity for joy and it can secure the expansion as well.

What a juicy new layer of love!

As I realize that it has taken me several years to discover this I am also feeling deep appreciation for the decades of time and commitment that you and Gay have invested, to be able to understand and compile all this wisdom and then deliver it to the world in such a usable and impactful way.

Thank you so much!