Appreciation is a powerful way to shift relationship dynamics for greater aliveness and connection


My name is Grace Gamboa. I want to share one of the Hendrick’s tools that
has created the most amazing transformation in my life and has increased my
level of aliveness and joy. That is appreciation.

I could be in just the hardest, most difficult feeling place in my life,
and have noticed that time and time again, if I can just move myself out of
that place and begin appreciating my whole world and the situation, the
content just disappears and anything becomes, kind of a spaciousness and a
place of love, in my experience.

One example I’ll give you is in my relationship with my partner. We were
just in it together; talking about the past and, “Wait. A few minutes you
said this. A year ago you said this, and I’m angry.” I got to the point
where I was thinking to myself, “Okay. I know that if just start
appreciation, this will shift,” if I just start appreciating. It was one of
those moments; it was the hardest thing to do and I just took a deep breath
and just gave an appreciation, and it was incredible. Everything melted
away, then I received an appreciation, and then I gave another
appreciation. It’s not as if what actually happened was gone and that we
forgot about it, but what it is it just envelops us in a place of love and
remembering the love that we have between us.

I encourage you to appreciate. It’s just an amazing way of shift.