Claiming response-ability helps to let go of past relationship drama and invite a new, thriving co-creative romantic partnership

My first introduction to the ease of this transformational work seemed to me to be magical. My acupuncturist happened to also be a certified Hendricks Conscious Living and Loving Coach, and a graduate of the Leadership and Transformation program. In my sessions with her I often talked about not only what was going on with my physical health, but also what was going on in my life, as well.

Several years ago I went through a particularly painful relationship breakup. I felt paralyzed by my feelings of grief. Time passed but I continued to feel totally stuck, spending a lot of my time concerning myself with my ex’s life, the “why’s” of it all, and wondering why I couldn’t seem to move on and into a new, creative phase in my life.

After what must have been yet another lengthy story about my sorrow, my healer asked me if I would be willing to live my life in 100% responsibility, if I would be willing to step fully into the present moment. I said “yes!,” and she asked if she had my permission to facilitate this shift. I agreed and she guided me through several rounds of a practice that created a permanent shift in my entire system. It included using my body to distinguish between “that’s him, this is me; that was then, this is now.” The entire process took only about 5 minutes, and at one point I felt a powerful whole-body shift. I walked out of her office that day completely free of the past relationship, and the previously lingering tendrils of that relationship were gone.

With the help of the Hendricks’ tools, I have transitioned into a life, and relationship, of my dreams, free of drama. I continue to live in awe, and gratitude, for the freedom and creativity that comes from living in 100% responsibility.