Create a steady stream of empowerment by dropping blame and claiming response-ability


Hi, I’m Leslie Chertok, and I’m here to tell a very short
story of transformation. And it’s a story about me, and in my past I was
addicted to blame. I grew up in a house where there was lots of blame
flying around. There was always somebody’s fault for doing something. And
then I came and I studied with Gay and Katie Hendricks, and I was taught
about taking 100% responsibility. And the process of learning to
distinguish the difference between blame and responsibility was not an
intellectual concept I grasped like that, but over a number of months of
playing with that, I was able to really transform myself into living a life
of 100% responsibility, which is largely blame free. So I no longer get the
addictive high I used to get by pointing my finger and pointing out how
people were wrong, or pointing a finger and pointing myself of how I
screwed up. Instead, I get a more steady stream of feeling empowered about
being the person who is 100% responsible for creating my life. Thank you.