How authenticity creates connection in our relationship


Anna: One of the Hendricks tools I’ve really loved, that
we’ve utilized in our relationship over the years is expressing
authentically; is actually just saying what is. Specifically,
how much that’s built connection and presence inside me and also
with the two of us.

Margaret: Sure,

Anna: One of the things that always sticks out in my mind is those
series of events where we’d go out for a meal and then
something, ‘boom’, it would happen, like . . .

Margaret: I don’t know what upset me. There’d be so much drama, I would
be really sad, and I would cry, and cry, and cry.

Anna: Then I would loop out, and be like, “What have I done. I’m a
bad person.” All of a sudden, Margaret’s plate would be empty,
and mine was full.

Margaret: Because I express. I was fine then. I’d said everything I had
to say.

Anna: It was really finding a way that we could come together. I
could breathe, be with, and express whatever it was, like, “It’s
actually you. No, not really.” To be really be with fear and my
feelings, so that we can come back into connection, and just
literally say what was authentically true.

Margaret: Yeah. We got a lot more playful with being authentic, rather
than making it very serious. We both got to eat.

Anna: Yes, absolutely.

Margaret: Authenticity rules.

Anna: Thanks.