The Kindness that Grows in our Hearts

It felt like the perfect morning for a donut with hot coffee, so off we went to Donut Time. While waiting in the car for my husband, I had the pleasure of a huge heart opening with two tiny tots leaving with their Mama. Thrilled with their recent cache, and ready to make their way home. This sweet little one maybe 4yrs old, with her tiny pretty mask, gently holding her little brothers hand while his tiny moon boots navigated the ice on the sidewalk. Her attention and guidance were laced in kindness and love. Something we all are yearning to see more of nowadays. It touched a place in me so deeply I had to share.

We waited as Mama got them cozied in their car seats.

“May I share something with you?” I asked as I rolled my window down. She smiled a warm smile that spread across her face with curious eyes.

“The love and kindness that your little girl showed in helping her little brother across the ice really touched my heart, and I wanted you to know it did not go unnoticed!”

She was thrilled and touched as we both fought back tears welling in our eyes. She was most grateful, we blessed each other’s day as she assured me she would tell her little girl about it! We drove off and I was thinking to myself- this is the beauty of a ripple- and ripple that touched my heart, that spoke goodness in child rearing, and to a little one- “Mama I did something kind, and someone noticed!” To then sharing the experience with her husband later that was in turn so proud of his little one. And she told her Mom, and he told his friends etc. As you might imagine years from now, a toast at a wedding to her kind heart!

These are the things that matter! The kindness that grows in our hearts from the donut on a Saturday with ice!

Kathy SommerBuss