crystal dawn rios

Harmonious Agreements: Redefining Boundaries for Fulfilling Relationships


Facilitated by: Crystal Dawn Rios

Watch this recording of Harmonious Agreements, a Big Leap Bridge class facilitated by Crystal Dawn Rios. Are you tired of the traditional approach to setting boundaries in your relationships? Do you find that boundaries …

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Creating Ease through Sorting the Two Files

Our colleague Crystal Dawn Rios shares how she uses the practice of Sorting the Two Files to create ease and space in her life. If you have not yet seen Katie and Gay’s video on Sorting the Two Files, …

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A Map for Presencing: Using the Presence-Connect-Play App


In this recording, you will learn how to use the Presence-Connect-Play app as a presencing tool in your daily life. Facilitated by our colleague Crystal Dawn Rios, this class supports you in exploring what it means to “notice and …

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