Impeccable Agreements

Impeccable Agreements: Shaping a Potent Container for What You Want to Create


This Big Leap Bridge class took place on February 2, 2021 and was facilitated by: Dee Cooper, a faculty member of our Restoring Resourcefulness Program.

~ In a world of broken promises, do agreements really matter?
~ Why do …

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Impeccable Agreements: Saying Yes

Today Katie asks us to consider whether we ground out agreements on what we want or on fitting in. She shares the powerful tool of making agreements from our whole body yes, from our own agency. Katie asks us to …

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Going Direct: What and By When 3/15/21


Today, Katie shares some thoughts about the skill of Impeccable Agreements: Going Direct, What, and by When and invites us to look at the image on the integrity deck card shown on the screen and see what comes up …

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