Katie Hendricks

Love with a Spine 6/10/24


Today Katie begins our practice with a quote and invites us to consider how beauty creates wholeness through adding the concept of justice and love when you are gazing around you and then giving attention inside of yourself with …

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The Sensation of Open 6/3/24


Today Katie begins our practice by inviting you to check in with your sense of openness in your body and asks you how you know you are open. She asks whether you notice sensations of being closed off in …

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Enlivening the Space 5/27/24


Today Katie begins by suggesting that our practice of Loop of Awareness is an invitation for inclusion. By fanning your attention out, you can include a group and then you can focus on an individual and give them your …

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The Medicine of Attention 5/20/24


Today Katie begins by suggesting that you take charge of your attention economy – and that your basic economy revolves around attention choices. Research has established that what you give attention to grows, so where and how you place …

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Drifting and Flowing  5/13/24

Today Katie begins our practice with a quote about how being near water supports presence. She invites you to imagine that your attention is flowing through like water, drifting through your body  and then through the space around …

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The Dance of the Drama Triangle: Creating a New Fuel Source


Facilitated by: Dr. Katie Hendricks ‌ In this recording of a one-hour class, Dr. Katie Hendricks returns to our Bridge community to offer an introduction to the drama triangle,. This recording will open up a world of possibilities… Read More

Choosing and Enhancing 5/6/24


Today Katie shares the key features of Loop of Awareness, starting with enhancing your ability to choose how and where you use your attention. Your attention is the key foundation for vibrant interactions with the world and yourself. When …

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Gentle Tosses of Attention 4/29/24


Today Katie begins our practice by sharing about her recent experience of using balloons for The Basic Toss, a practice that brings lightness to communication. She invites you to imagine that you are using a balloon for …

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Our Sensitive Awareness 4/22/24


Today Katie starts with the suggestion that most of us have learned to “pay attention,”, which activates an stress alert rather than an opening.. Kate asks you to notice what it feels like in your body to “give” …

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The Art Of Fully Seeing 4/15/24


Katie starts today’s Love in Action practice by sharing a quote from a new book by David Brooks on the art of fully seeing and being seen to receive the nourishment of attention, which is an benefit of our …

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