Nicole Taylor

Big Leap Bridge: Choosing Action for the Planet with F.A.C.T


In this recording of a Big Leap Bridge class that took place in October 2021, Nicole Taylor and Michele Yasuda Co-Facilitate and  share how to use F.A.C.T in our relationship with the planet. So much of life is about …

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Giving Our Loving Attention 10/4/21


In today’s call Nicole Taylor joins us and begins by inviting us to look around the Zoom room and noticing who is joining us and to give our loving attention to them. She then invites us to turn our …

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Scoops of Love for Us and Our Community 4/12/21

Today Restoring Resourcefulness Faculty member Nicole Taylor stepped in as guest facilitator and invited us to begin our practice today by presencing and playing with our breath by inhaling and opening up to the world and as you exhale you …

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