Befriending Your Villain Personas: How to Love Your Power


We invite you to watch this recording, facilitated by Gayle Colman which is the last of our four-part series on the Drama Triangle and took place March 23, 2022. In this class we give attention to our Villain personas. Do you recognize these expressions? “I blame you,” “Gosh, I’m so stupid!” “You are the problem! Say hello to the Villain corner! When our villain arrives, we are deep in fear masking our feelings with aggression. Typically, when our Hero persona and Victim persona have failed us, we escalate to Villain. In this no-cost one hour class, you will discover how personas are our learned reactions that drive us to the Drama Triangle. With curiosity and friendly play, we integrate our personas building new muscles and self-appreciation.

In this recorded class you will learn to:

· Identify your villain personas
· Unmask the essence qualities underneath of your villain personas
· How to befriend anger and fear

Watch the rest of the Drama Triangle Series here.

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