Explore Conscious Loving Ever After with Katie Hendricks

*CLEA talkJoin Katie at the Eileen Fisher Learning Lab.

December 11, 7 PM
A unique book-launch event! No more ruts and routines — create and sustain the relationship of your dreams one refreshing choice at a time. For singles, couples, professionals, and everyone interested. You are welcome to attend the Free Friday Evening Talk for inspiration and an introduction to the workshop topic and instructors.

December 12, 9 am – 5 pm
This day-long playshop is inspired by the subtitle Gay and Katie Hendricks’ new book, Conscious Loving Ever After: How to create thriving relationships at midlife and beyond.

This day-long playshop invites you to bust up those later-in-life myths that you may still believe. Inspired by the subtitle Gay and Katie Hendricks’ new book, Conscious Loving Ever After, we will dive right into actual practices that will enhance your body intelligence as well as your relationships skills.

Come awaken practical magic and explore the key activities that Gay and Katie have honed with thousands of people over 35+ years —

  • Get clear on your fear signature and how to easily release it to gain full access to flow and your resourcefulness
  • Deepen your right-now experience of presence that includes you, the other, and the space between
  • Practice the creativity boosters that shift you from criticism and conflict into genuine collaboration and the genius of relationship
  • Customize your appreciation, the most powerful relationship enhancer, for you and those close to you
  • Discover just how sexy integrity can be.

Come prepared to release, experiment, and step into the unknown. This playshop is designed for professionals, singles, and couples who want to keep expanding their creativity and connection lifelong.

For more information and to register, CLICK HERE

50 South Buckhout Street
Irvington, NY, 10533

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