Foundation for Conscious Living Newsletter, Late October 2020

October is our anniversary month, and this year we are celebrating 39 years of marriage.  When we met in 1980, we never imagined that our explorations in conscious loving would fuel a relationship that just keeps getting better and better, as neither of us had ever seen anything remotely inspiring in the relationships we’d seen up close. The choices and practices we’ve been honing and deepening over the years continue to expand our ability to give and receive more love every day. So we thought as our anniversary present to you we’d share the top principles and practices that rekindle romance and renew connection and discovery. The suggestions work in all kinds of relationships as well as romantic ones, and they can ripple into your family and community to create more connection at this unsettled time. We can move from fear to love through presence. Follow this link and see what sparks your interest.

You can read this month’s newsletter here for more articles, upcoming seminars, and free online classes.

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