Wonder-Filled Grieving

Grief can feel like you’ve been slammed like a tsunami.  Untethered, flailing under rapid, muddy currents, you’re struggling to survive, frantic for the comfort of familiar and dependable ground.  Everything that once was, is gone.  Life will never be the same.  So what now?

After the destruction, what “new normal” will you create?  The Big Leap Home has collaborated with Linda Wellenbach Wonder-Filled Grieving Questions as aresource for bereavement groups and/or anyone moving through loss.


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About the author:
Linda Wellenbach
Big Leap Coach
Graduate, Leadership and Transformation Program.

Linda Welenbach

Linda Wellenbach



Originally an interior decorator, Linda Wellenbach ultimately felt the “call” to hospice. Today, after decades of experience, she’s an award winning volunteer and seasoned facilitator, who’s served many communities: at-risk teens, the bereaved, the elderly and dying. She’s earned certifications in interior design, facilitating, hospice and bereavement. She is most proud to be a graduate and continuing member of the intensive Hendricks Institute Leaders in Transformation program and Big Leap Coach. She particularly enjoys creating customized games/tools that delight, enlighten and inspire. Most recently, as she cared for her own dying parents, Linda established a private eldercare support group on Facebook called The Sandbar. There, she enjoys writing, drawing, sharing lessons, information.
She lives in South Carolina.