Nancy Thiel Voogd

Certified Big Leap Coach

Nancy VoogdNancy was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska.  The impact of the last frontier on how she moves through the world is vast, as the lessons available to be learned from Nature naturally are.  Her ability to listen for what wants to be said has also been honed by decades of performing in choirs, professional and community, with orchestras and without.  Nancy listens for what she thinks of as “everyday wholeness.” She loves to help people remember their wholeness, their uniqueness, and their gifts. Nancy listens to everything.  She listens to ingredients when preparing a meal. She listens when out in nature for when to pause and capture an image of beauty hiding in plain sight. She is gifted in seeing beauty in unexpected places.

She has a triple spiral labyrinth in her backyard, where she works with people using the brilliant Hendricks tools as well as the healing nature of the pattern and of nature.  You can find out more about her work with the labyrinth pattern at  She’s also the creator of the Self-Discovery deck.  A deck for use in getting in touch with and enhancing your own deep intuition.  You can find an app version of the deck in the Apple Store and also on Google Play.  Look for Self-Discovery.

She is a Big Leap coach as well as a graduate of the Hendricks’ Leadership and Transformation two-year intensive.