Rooting with a Kite 2/6/23


Today Katie reminds us to keep the energy flowing by noticing if we are not moving or breathing, and then allowing ourselves to move and/or breathe again. We played with the concept of a kite that acts as our attention, where we allow the kite to float out, and then tug the kite string and bringing awareness back to ourselves. We played with the fundamentals of looping: pace, rhythm, intensity. We asked ourselves where our attention is getting caught, and then choose to favor the opposite direction – if we are stuck in our heads, we move our attention out to something around us, or if we are stuck out, we can bring our attention to ourselves.

Every Monday Katie offers a practice to increase our capacity to give and receive love using the tools of Loop of Awareness and Love Scooping. Katie also introduces a practice from the Presence-Connect-Play app. Watch the video to learn more.