If You Can Say It, You Can Feel It

If You Can Say It, You Can Feel It Some scientists believe we have infinite emotions, so long as we can name them.

By Melissa Dahl  @melissadahl

Sometime last year, I came across the word hangxiety, a neologism for hangover-induced …

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Authenticity: More Powerful Than Concealing The Truth

Download a PDF of the entire article here.

by Yancy Wright

Have you ever felt uncomfortable in your own skin? Pretending to be something or someone that we aren’t can be uncomfortable and exhausting. Most of the time we aren’t …

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Ditching Performance Reviews for Authentic Conversations

By: Chris Marcell Murchison, M.Ed.,
Vice President Staff Development and Culture at HopeLab

Performance management has a bad rap. Mention the topic and a common reaction is “Ugh!” followed by anecdotes of unfair reviews, reviews that never happened, 360s gone …

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Calling Girls This Word May Seem Harmless — But Why Are Boys Never Called It?

For every girl who holds back from raising her hand in class, who stops herself from raising her voice, or who doubts herself and what she’s capable of: This video is for you.

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New Research: Keeping Secrets Weighs You Down

Do you keep secrets? Are you sure? Do you have any big ones locked away, elephants you’ve hidden so well that you don’t even see them any more?

Well, if you do, you’ve probably got a harder life. The physical …

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Tell It Like It Is

Author, meditation teacher and founder of the Dharana Institute, Sally Kempton explores lying and truth-telling:

“On a 1 to 10 scale, with polite lies (“No, that dress doesn’t make you look fat”) at the low end, and outrageous, destructive lies… …

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The Gift of Social Media: More Transparent Professionals

With the rise of social media, the “Old Professional” – characterized by controlling the message and centralizing power – is rapidly becoming an endangered species, and is making way for a new, more open and transparent style of Professional.

In …

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Authentic Expression Reduces Stress

Scientists now show that doing 15 minutes of free writing each day increases physical and emotional health, and that the words we use have an impact too.

James Pennebaker, in The Secret Life of Pronouns, shares 30 years of …

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It’s OK to Trust Your Gut

Do you trust your gut? Do you believe in intuition? Lots of people think these make no sense, that they aren’t logical, scientific or rational, so they discount them. But they actually do make sense – physical body sense, and …

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Lying Is Bad for Your Health

Preliminary results from the University of Notre Dame show that when people stop telling big lies or even just small “white lies” they complain less of many ailments.

Scientists already knew that lying increases stress. And now they also know …

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