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Research around the globe keeps pouring in to validate the powerful effects of Authenticity, Response-ability, and Appreciation. Learn about real-world benefits.

It’s OK to Trust Your Gut

Do you trust your gut? Do you believe in intuition? Lots of people think these make no sense, that they aren’t logical, scientific or rational, so they discount them. But they actually do make sense – physical body sense, and …

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Lying Is Bad for Your Health

Preliminary results from the University of Notre Dame show that when people stop telling big lies or even just small “white lies” they complain less of many ailments.

Scientists already knew that lying increases stress. And now they also know …

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Laughter May Be the Best Pain Medicine

Laughing alone is good. Laughing with friends is even better.

A recent study explores laughter’s impact on sensitivity to pain and the role of endorphins in the process.

According to study researcher Robin Dunbar, of the University Oxford:

“We think …

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Smiling Helps Recovery from Stress

We all know that when we feel good, we often smile. And what about the flip side? Can smiling cause us to feel better?

A recent study shows that smiling influences our physical state, and that smiling during brief stressors …

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Gratitude Sustains Relationships through Tough Times

One of 2012’s top 10 insights from science highlighted by Greater Good (UC Berkeley’s center for the Science of a Meaningful Life) is that gratitude sustains relationships through tough times.

In a study published in August 2012 in the Journal

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Compassion and Gratitude Can Turn Difficulty into Strength

We flourish in the face of difficult interpersonal hurts through the pursuit of forgiveness and gratitude.

Research published in the The Journal of Positive Psychology (vol. 5, May 2010) shows that when a person experiences a “hurt” by another — …

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Go Ahead, Laugh Your Head Off, It’s Good for You

Could laughing more save you a few trips to the gym? Maybe, if we take to heart the findings of Silvia Cardoso, behavioral biologist at State University of Campinas, Brazil, and researcher on laughter. In her interview with British weekly …

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In Your Pursuit, Aim for Flourishing, Rather Than Happiness

Dr. Martin Seligman, past president of the American Psychological Association, in his book Flourish, explores what it takes to live a rich, full life. He has identified five elements of flourishing: positive emotion, engagement, positive relationships, meaning and accomplishment.…

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How Resilient Are You?

Resiliency is the ability to bounce back from learning experiences, adversity, misfortune and even trauma. Scientists agree that some people seem to be born with more resilience than others and also that it is possible to cultivate more resilience during …

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You’re Contagious, Do You Know What You’re Spreading?

Sometimes when we are sharing advice, our intention may be to help improve what is going on around us. What we likely do not realize is that we are choosing to focus our attention on evaluating, judging, comparing and/or criticizing, …

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