Appreciation Is One Of My Most Treasured, Magical Tools

Watch Lynn’s video about the role of appreciation in her life.

One of the things that I was thinking about when talking to you about appreciation was ‘Wow.  Where to Start?’  There are so many aspects that I use appreciation for.

What I came to is thinking about how I experience appreciation is rippling out, like what happens when you drop a stone into water and the concentric circles that ripple out.

I’m going to start with myself and transforming my relationship with myself, particularly my physical body, through appreciation.

Up until a couple of years ago my easy and familiar way of criticizing was to focus on aspects of my body.  That’s something that with a conscious practice of appreciation I have completely transformed my sense of myself and my body, and really appreciating how my body works. The beauty of actually being alive, and those sort of beginnings of appreciation of the actual inner workings of what being alive actually means, has really rippled out so that I began to appreciate other aspects of myself.  Other people are drawn to appreciate those aspects, too.  Including my husband, which is a really fun thing for me.

One thing that I want to invite you to try is beginning a simple appreciation practice with yourself, and with your body.  The beautiful thing about appreciation is that it’s contagious.  What I love about it is that the more I appreciate, the more others appreciate themselves, and me and my presence.  Pretty soon this rippling out starts to happen.  Appreciation has honestly transformed my life in ways that are so magical and delicious, and I invite you to give it a try.