Harness the Power of Yes

What is the “Yes State” and what might it do for you?

Researchers at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center study the neurobiology of positive emotions. Christine Carter, a sociologist there says:

“Your brain operates in a really different way when you perceive resistance or are resisting. When you’re positive or expecting a yes, your field of vision is actually larger. When you are anxious, or perceive a threat (which brings about an extreme state of resistance), your vision needs to narrow in order to focus. When you’re not in this state of anxious resistance, you’re able to take in more stimulus across the board, versus only being able to see what is right in front of you.”

TheYes State” is a state of openness to possibilities that leads to creativity and problem-solving.

In contrast, when we say no a lot, it becomes a habit. Our brain literally wires neural pathways and over time “No!” becomes a knee-jerk reaction. Fortunately, we can rewire our brains.

Choosing to notice what you appreciate in your life is one way to generate a “Yes State.”