Love Scoops

Opening Space 4/5/21

Are you in harmony with yourself, and how can you use that alignment to create space both inside and around you? Katie invites us to notice somewhere where we feel spacious inside us, and than notice what happens to our …

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Fear Melters® Song!


Singer-songwriter Rebecca Folsom , accompanied by Leann Roberts, performed a concert during the Hendricks Couples Course in Ojai California. This Fear Melters® song is a fun way to integrate the movements into your daily life and can also …

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River of Awareness: How Flow Allows Presence 3/29/21

In today’s session, Katie shares the importance of allowing flow in our bodies. When we support movement, we have the best experience of presence. She speaks about how she sees presence as a verb, an experience rather than a place …

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Fanning and Focusing our Attention 3/22/21

Today Katie invites us to begin our practice by scanning our body and rating our aliveness and then invited us to imagine that love and attention is all around us and to scoop that love and bring it to our …

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The Gift of Savoring 3/15/21


In today’s session, Katie invites us to love ourselves by savoring as we give attention to ourselves and our surroundings. We learn to take a few breaths as we notice the quality of attention we are giving ourselves. Katie …

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Filling our Attention Reservoirs 3/8/21

In our call today, Katie explores the refreshment and nourishment that our attention provides. People generally think of our attention as something that we give, such as “paying attention” to something. We forget that attention is something all our …

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Expanding Our Point of View 3/1/21

In today’s session, Katie invites us to deepen our practice of the Loop of Awareness by giving attention to something outside of us, and then bringing our attention inward and noticing our breathing, then bringing our attention outward again… Read More

Sprinkles of Love 2/22/21


Every Monday Katie offers a practice to increase our capacity to give and receive love using the tools of Loop of Awareness and Love Scooping. On today’s call, Katie suggests that we play some peek-a-boo with our hearts through …

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Choose An Intention to Add to Your Attention
February 15, 2021

Katie demonstrates scooping up love and allowing it to percolate. We form new attention habits that generate a sense of well being for ourselves and others. This practice expands our ability to give and receive the gift of full presence. …

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Fear Melters® in Spanish

Nicoleta Dobrin, a member of our community, created this video of Fear Melters® in Spanish. In the video, Nicoleta shares the four fear responses and the Fear Melters® that can support the shift to presence. Click here to access …

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