Big Leaps – Threshold


In the Big Leaps Video Series, we explore skills that will assist you in expanding your capacity for wonder, choice, and connection.

In this video, Katie shares how we can expand our capacity for giving and receiving love and …

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Reclaiming Multi-Dimensionality 1/17/22


Today Katie invites us to hmmmmm as we toss our attention as though we’re tossing a ball, letting our attention flow with curiosity and then out to the horizon. We then play with tossing our attention to create more …

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Allowing Ourselves to Bloom 11/8/21


These weekly calls assist us all in being able to not only move from fear to love through presence, but to also give us our own energy pump as fuel for connection. We are often taught to get our …

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From Hazy to Clarity 11/1/22

Today Katie invites us to imagine that our attention serves the same purpose as a windshield wiper that cleans off the windshield and that our loop of awareness can wipe off and clear the gunk that can cloud our perceptions. …

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