Healthy Responsibility: Creating Openness to Discovery 4/19/21

Katie shares that she considers openness to learning to be the essential skill for living a full life and being a benefit to others. She invites us first to respond to the image on the screen, but noticing what happens in our body as we look She then asks us to listen to the sentences on the card on the screen, and notice how our bodies respond. Katie then suggests that we think of a recent issue in our life and to take on our typical defensive posture. She suggests we shift into wonder by first exaggerating the poster, and noticing how that feels and then creating a pleasant Hmmmm sound which generates curiosity in our brains. Wonder is an infinite fuel sources and Katie invites us to experiment with wonder in order to resolve the issue we had in mind. Every Monday Katie shares an integrity skill from our Integrity Deck, a resource that you can use to deepen your commitment to authenticity, responsibility and appreciation. Click HERE to watch another video exploring this integrity skill.

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