Public Schools to Teachers: Run Your Class on Fear or Get Fired

teachersAs part of a burgeoning new public school program called “No Nonsense Nurturing” teachers are required to wear earpieces. They’re reminded to be less enthusiastic and “expect 100 percent compliance.” And in at least one high profile case, the teachers who objected were let go.

To her face we called her Mrs. Thompson, but behind her back it was “Sarge.”

Sarge was our 8th grade Language Arts teacher. Rumor was that she’d been in the military, maybe an officer in the Women’s Air Corps, maybe part of the Normandy invasion, charging the beach with a knife in her teeth. Her necklace of Nazi ears was stored away in her top desk drawer.

No one knew the full truth. The legend grew with each successive school year.

By John Warner at The Daily Beast

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