Unmasking Our Hero Personas: Learning Healthy Responsibility


In this recording of a Big Leap Bridge online class that took place on February 23, 2022, our colleagues Terry Morganti-Fisher and Michele Yasuda introduce tools that will assist you in finding presence and releasing the adrenaline addiction that fuels many interactions these days. In this second class in our Drama Triangle Series, we unpack the Hero, position on the Triangle.

Are these phrases familiar? “I can handle it,” “I can help!,” “I’ll take care of it.” Welcome to the hero position! When we step into hero mode, we take more than 100% responsibility. The hero position requires others to join us on the triangle by occupying a victim or villain role. In this no-cost one hour class, you will discover how personas cause drama and override the direct experience of who you truly are, and what you can do to shift those dynamics.

You will learn  how:

Identify your hero personas

Unmask the essence qualities underneath of your hero personas

How to share responsibility

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