Big Leap Bridge Class: Panic Attacks Transformed: Using Hendricks Tools to Come Home to Yourself


In this recording of a Big Leap Bridge class that took place in October of 2021, Noé Khalfa shared how panic attacks can be debilitating, and when we’re in them it usually feels like we’re on a roller coaster that’s impossible to get off. Most of the time we use the somatic therapy tools that Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks developed to address specific issues, recurring patterns in our lives, or the core feelings of fear, sadness, anger, joy, and sexual feelings. Can the same tools apply to panic attacks? While they seem to begin as a vibration of fear/anxiety, panic attacks quickly ramp up into an overwhelming storm that may last days if we don’t know how to shift them. This workshop is an invitation to vulnerably exploring the dark places with self-love and body movement.

You will learn:
How breathing can stabilize you during a panic attack
To use creative expression to help move intense amounts of energy
How to be a gentle yet firm support figure for yourself and others experiencing panic attacks