Expanding our Wholeness 6/24/24


Today Katie begins our session with the concept of feeling welcomed and how Love Scooping can be a way to welcome ourselves in the world. Next Katie shares a quote about coherence and explores what a felt sense of wholeness is.. She suggests that when you come home to yourself, that time spreads out and slows down and how this is a way to create coherence for ourselves. Next we look at an Integrity card from the Healthy Responsibility section of the Integrity Deck which you can find here.

Every Monday Katie offers a practice to increase our capacity to give and receive love using the tools of Loop of Awareness, Love Scooping and more. Katie shares practices from our Integrity Deck which offers you an opportunity to expand your experience of wholeness through integrity skills and from our Presence-Connect-Play app which will assist you in developing a new way of being in the world, a new story of continuous creativity.

Watch the video to learn more.