Gentle Tosses of Attention 4/29/24


Today Katie begins our practice by sharing about her recent experience of using balloons for The Basic Toss, a practice that brings lightness to communication. She invites you to imagine that you are using a balloon for your Loop of Awareness today. Katie suggests that you add to the fun by imagining the color of your balloon and begin to gently toss it in the air and seeing it floating gently into your hands. Next we played with tossing the balloon out as we brought out attention to someone in the space and then noticing the impact.

Every Monday Katie offers a practice to increase our capacity to give and receive love using the tools of Loop of Awareness and Love Scooping. Katie also shares practices from our Integrity Deck which offers you an opportunity to expand your experience of wholeness through integrity skills. Find today’s card here: 

Conscious Communication – Listening Appreciatively – Foundation for Conscious Living

Watch the video to learn more.