Moving Into Essence

When is the last time you remember experiencing moving at your own natural pace without feeling rushed? What would it feel like to move at the pace of your essence? When do you feel your most natural self?

Time urgency is a constant stress that has us moving out of pace with our own essence. The feeling that ‘I have to hurry up and get done, so I can get to the next thing,’ has taken the pleasure out of doing anything at all. I notice that in time urgency or clock consciousness I feel awful. My shoulders rise up into my ears, my breath shortens, my stomach tightens and there is crazy tension in my mid back. (I wonder what it feel like in your body when you feel rushed by time urgency?)

Researchers call time urgency a hidden driver of stress and demonstrate that it plays a major role in the cause of heart attacks, feeling distracted, indecisiveness, irritability, and the inability to connect and feel connected.

Time urgency feels unnatural to me and I began to wonder what would it feel like if I started to work at my own pace…What would it feel like to work on projects as though time didn’t matter? hmmmmmmm

If time didn’t matter, I wonder how quickly I would move around the table doing bodywork? and How long would I linger in different places on the body?

This year I commit to discovering how to support my own essence.

One way we can discover new ways to support the experience of our most natural selves is with the Essence Interview.

Take a moment to presence yourself. Open to a clear space at the center of you…who you are at your core. Consider taking three deep breaths or more between each question. I invite you to jot down your answers and possibly share the most surprising ones with someone you love.

Essence Interview: Discover and be delighted by your responses.

What is your experience of moving at your essence pace?

What most nourishes you?

What colors/textures support you?

What movements delight you?

What do you most appreciate about yourself in this moment?

What are your favorite action verbs?

What can you do now to support your most natural self?

We wish you a year full of wonder, discovery and moving at the pace of your essence!

Many thanks to Katie and Gay Hendricks for putting this interview together so I may continue to grow and share.

By: Nicole and Heath Reed
Originally posted to:
Living Metta: Embodying Loving Kindness