Resources for Volunteering

I’m Michael Deloughery, a faculty member of the Restoring Resourcefulness program. For most of my life, I have volunteered for organizations and events that I valued and wanted to contribute to. 

My volunteer experiences have ranged from easy, fun interactions to stressful, challenging encounters. I enjoyed much of my volunteering but I often felt fear and when that happened, I was usually reactive. Even when things seemed to be going well, I noticed how some interactions and exchanges could feel draining. Often afterwards, I felt I had made choices that minimized my ability to be of service and have fun doing it.

As a volunteer now, I utilize some simple and easy ways to return to flow and presence. I am happy to share these with other volunteers and managers of volunteers to see how they can benefit from them also.  The bonus is that these practices are accessible for free on-line in short video lessons. So if you or any volunteer wants to review them, they are available.

If you volunteer or support volunteers and would like to know more about this program, please contact us here.  I am available to introduce you or a group to the practices (as a volunteer – i.e. no charge).