Kristina Turner

Certified Big Leap Coach
Graduate, Hendricks Leadership and Transformation Program

Kristina Turner

Kristina’s passion is inspiring individuals and groups to create resilience by inviting healing play in community.  Especially in times of loss and upheaval, she skillfully shows up to support sensing, feeling and confidently playing our way through the unknown. 

Kristina loves bringing breath, ease and the delight of discovery to issues big and small.

Certified in Hendricks Transformational Leadership, NLP, BodyTalk and Paradox Management, her rainbow of experience spans living at the Findhorn Community, authoring The Self-Healing Cookbook, mentoring women’s life-passage journeys and collaborating to build equity into visions of vibrant society.

She sees race, gender, age, sexuality, spirituality, class, ability, ancestry and willingness to play full-out in the zone of genius as open doorways into expressing our full aliveness. What better time than now to play?