Response-ability and authenticity generate creativity and aliveness


Hi there, my name is Harry Poliak and I’m happy to be here to
share a little bit with you about the experiences that I’m having through
Hendricks Body Center Transformation. So when I came into this program I
was very quick. I notice right now this moment I’m being very quick so I’m
going to just take this moment to drop in and breathe a little bit. So this
is actually one of the things I’m learning that I’m able to notice how I’m
being and adjust myself that can give me a little bit more ease.

So when I arrived here I found myself just receiving things from people
very quick and responding very quickly, and I’m learning to allow things to
settle inside of me, have a physical reaction. And get my sensory awareness
around my experience, and learning to operate from that place. One of the
other things that I’ve learned is about responsibility, that I’m 100% in
control, and well in charge, and responsible for my well-being, and that’s
a really big step for me moving from a victim stance to a creator position.

What are some of the other things? And authenticity, the ability to reveal
what I’m experiencing to someone in a way that honors what’s happening to
me. And not being at the effect of how other people may respond to me. That
was something I’d experienced previously in my life, monitoring myself in a
way that I would adjust what I was saying out of fear of how people may
respond to me. So I’m showing up fully in who I am and I’m loving it, and
I’m feeling really alive.