Speaking freely and authentically proves to be of powerful service to others


The big thing that I opened up and expanded in me is I discovered who I am authentically, how to be myself authentically. And part of that opening has been to learn to appreciate myself and to hear appreciation from others. I’m still shifting and growing in my capacity for that, so I know I’m becoming more and more authentic, and I’m wondering who I’m going to be. I sense in myself this bigness that’s like expanding in me, coming out of me, and I’m on a journey discovering and enjoying who I am, what I’m doing in the world. I get feedback from people that I’m good at coaching people deeply, just to delve into what’s there and to make shifts with deep things. And I know I’ve had trouble believing that about myself.

And then I was with a colleague, who’s also a friend, and he just asked me some simple questions or commented some things about himself, and he’s a friend, and I noticed I gave myself permission to just like dive right in and say what was there. And evidently, it was huge for him. He had some big change happen. And he told other people around me about how important it was, what I saw and what I said and the impact on him, and appreciating how good I was at just seeing things that made a difference for people. And I realized for me that what happened is I let myself be free. I just spoke authentically about what was there for me, and that’s what was of service.