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Make That Bigger!


Make That Bigger! How Magnification Invites Play & Mutual Discovery Into Conscious Relationships!
Facilitated by Dhira Brown and Kristina Turner
May 25, 2022 6:00pm Pacific

In this recording you will discover with our colleagues Dhira Brown and Kristina …

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Breathe, Move, Love: A Gateway to Presence


In this recording our colleague Dean Yasuda shows us how we can use breath and movement to come home to ourselves and how the Presence-Connect-Play app is a wonderful tool that can assist us. This Big Leap Bridge …

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A Map for Presencing: Using the Presence-Connect-Play App


In this recording, you will learn how to use the Presence-Connect-Play app as a presencing tool in your daily life. Facilitated by our colleague Crystal Dawn Rios, this class supports you in exploring what it means to “notice and …

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Big Leap Bridge Class: Stop Working On Yourself — Start Discovering Yourself


In this recording, you can drop in on our community playing with our colleague Greg Newman in a class called: Stop Working On Yourself — Start Discovering Yourself. You’ll see how the old story is that personal growth is …

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Principles of Manifestation: Creating the Life You Most Want


In this recording of a one-hour class, Gay Hendricks shares the reliable tools and practices that will assist you in learning how to use the principles of manifestation in your daily life. You’ll learn how incompletions cause blocks and …

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