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Make That Bigger!


Make That Bigger! How Magnification Invites Play & Mutual Discovery Into Conscious Relationships!
Facilitated by Dhira Brown and Kristina Turner
May 25, 2022 6:00pm Pacific

In this recording you will discover with our colleagues Dhira Brown and Kristina …

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Breathe, Move, Love: A Gateway to Presence


In this recording our colleague Dean Yasuda shows us how we can use breath and movement to come home to ourselves and how the Presence-Connect-Play app is a wonderful tool that can assist us. This Big Leap Bridge …

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A Map for Presencing: Using the Presence-Connect-Play App


In this recording, you will learn how to use the Presence-Connect-Play app as a presencing tool in your daily life. Facilitated by our colleague Crystal Dawn Rios, this class supports you in exploring what it means to “notice and …

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Big Leap Bridge Class: Stop Working On Yourself — Start Discovering Yourself


In this recording, you can drop in on our community playing with our colleague Greg Newman in a class called: Stop Working On Yourself — Start Discovering Yourself. You’ll see how the old story is that personal growth is …

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