emotional literacy

Emotional Literacy: Getting Curious 4/12/21

Restoring Resourcefulness Faculty member Michele Yasuda stepped in as guest facilitator and shared that she notices that being in integrity creates aliveness for her. She invites us to presence through turning toward fully ourselves, opening up our posture and breathing …

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Emotional Literacy: Welcoming Feelings 3/29/21

The flow of feelings of sensations can give us solutions. If I am thinking about the issue in my head or talking to others, is not the same as the deep eternal wisdom that comes through when I presence sensations. …

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Presencing our Inner World 3/8/21

Today Katie explored the concept of emotional literacy through presencing our inner world and shared how our prejudice towards emotions causes a lot of the social-emotional challenges in our world. Feelings, like our blood, are circulating all the time, …

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