Loop of Awareness

Big Leap Bridge: Presencing

Restoring Resourcefulness: Introduction to Presencing

Watch the recording of An Introduction to Presencing facilitated by Dr. Vandana Verma and Terry Morganti-Fisher. This first class in our Restoring Resourcefulness series took place on January 21, 2021.

What is Presencing?
Presencing is …

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Choose An Intention to Add to Your Attention
February 15, 2021

Katie demonstrates scooping up love and allowing it to percolate. We form new attention habits that generate a sense of well being for ourselves and others. This practice expands our ability to give and receive the gift of full presence. …

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Appreciation = Sensitive Awareness
February 8, 2021

Katie wonders how many different ways we can convey “thank you” with the gift of our rich attention. Katie shares the joy of shifting our appreciative attention through sensitive awareness as a source of refreshment and self-love. These sessions are …

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Directing Our Attention Like Water,
February 1, 2021

Katie invites us to play with directing our attention as we would a powerful sprinkler, Much like a ripple on a lake, a shower head or a light mist we can play with the various ways to flow our attention …

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Turn Toward, Around, Behind and Under ‘What is’
January 25, 2021

Katie suggests letting your attention play in your body by turning toward a sensation, thought or breath while becoming lovingly curious about what’s under, next to or behind that with a pleasant hmmmmmmm sound. Katie also leads us in a …

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One New Choice Enhances Intuition
January 18, 2021

Katie invites us to let our awareness consciously meet our touch from the inside out as well as illustrates the empowering shift of sloughing off fears and adding presence by making one simple new choice every 20 minutes throughout our …

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The Incredible Power of Fear Melters® While Seated
January 11, 2021

Katie shares the incredible power of Fear Melters® while seated for 2 minutes throughout the day and asks us to notice if we are experiencing more flow. When we engage our torso by reaching out and bringing in some love …

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