stories of transformation

An Example of How to Explore and Play with Fear Melters®

A message from Leadership and Transformation Graduate and Big Leap Coach, Damian Cade:

I wanted to let you know that I finished teaching the ‘Dance as Therapy’ course at WWU in December to 18 students. I incorporated so much of …

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Yolanda’s Café:
 Origin Story Born of Appreciation.

By Art Durand

We have a Starbucks in Quakertown. (Two things to get out of the way here. 1) Starbucks is pretty much shit in it’s corporate treatment of employees etc. and Quakertown is just plain fun to say.)

On …

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The Power of Matching to Transform Your Life

By Kristina Turner

Our colleague and Restoring Resourcefulness Faculty member Kristina Turner shares how she learned to improvise on the piano by spontaneously matching her feelings with her fingers. Matching is a versatile skill in our Restoring Resourcefulness Program.  …

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