The Body of Money

In this recording, our colleague Gayle Colman shares “The Body of Money: Creating Sustainable Wealth Through Innate Intelligence”. Would you love a new approach to money, perhaps light-hearted, confident, and clear? Does your current money relationship bring you ease, grace and joy? Get willing to bless, let go and appreciate your obstacles. Then, turn toward the wisdom that has always been available, your body intelligence. Finance needs our body along with our brain!

In this one-hour class we choose to release money blocks, engage simple practices to recognize Sufficiency as the gateway to money well- being and commit to inhabit Sufficiency toward these potent outcomes in your money journey.

In this recording you will:

  • Reclaim your own power and agency.
    * Tap into your innate intelligence for truth.
    * Experience peace, confidence, and joy with money.

Facilitated by Gayle Colman
Certified Big Leap Coach
Leadership & Transformation Graduate