Using Fear Melters® During Covid-19

Darlene Bellis, one of our Big Leap Coaches, recently used Fear Melters® while she was waiting in line outside of her local food store. Watch the video and read her story below about how others around her were impacted.



Fear Melting at my Local Food Store

Last Sunday morning I got in line outside of my local food market. Due to Covid-19 they were letting 20 people in at a time and I was about 60th in line. As I was standing I was wiggling and oozing as I usually do. When we moved up I noticed my friend got in the end of the line. We were waving to each other and I yelled “ I am doing Fear Melters” she laughed and said “oh, I know what you’re doing.”
The woman behind me had the body language of someone not wanting to engage, however, 5 minutes after my comment to my friend she asked me “Did you say Fear Melters; what is that?” I explained the basic concept of Fear Melters and shared that I have so much fun incorporating body movements throughout my day. I suggested she look up Foundation for Conscious Living to learn more. We were ushered in and I completed my shopping. As I was leaving, a different woman smiled at me and said “Have a good day and thank you so much for dancing in line; I had fun watching you”. I was surprised at her comment and appreciated her kindness as we connected with huge smiles and a sense of joy.

Darlene Bellis
Certified Big Leap Coach
Guided Imagery Specialist